The tests in our Perth athlete lab provide opportunity to measure your current baseline fitness so training prescription can be inferred from the test. A post training intervention test can also be completed to measure fitness gains after the training period. Testing allows us to measure your fitness before/after training prescription. We are also one of the very few athlete labs in Perth to offer swimming vo2 max testing.
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Cycling Power test – this test measures maximal sustained exercise intensity, or Vo2max power. It represents the upper limit of aerobic exercise and is highly correlated with individual performance. The test involves an incremental increase in resistance taking you to your maximum possible output with a report provided on completion.


Cycling Sprint Power test- this test measures both peak anaerobic power and sustained anaerobic power to get a good cross section of your current sprinting and acceleration power. The test involves maximal sprinting efforts with a report provided on completion.


Swim Power test  in our Perth athlete lab – as per the power test however an all-out 4min effort is completed, where left and right hand power dynamics are measured and recorded with a report provided on completion.


Running VO2max testing, Swimming VO2max testing & Cycling VO2max testing- here we provide testing of your unique oxygen consumption through a standardised incremental Vo2 max test across running, cycling and even swimming. This unique figure is the ‘gold standard’ in measuring athletic performance. The Ventilatory threshold can also be measured meaning the results can also be used to infer your Functional Threshold Power. This can be measured across running, swimming and cycling disciplines and represents a measureable way of inferring performance gains.


Lactic Power testing, Running, Swimming, Cycling- this test is similar to the Vo2 test in that your lactic levels are measured as you complete a standardised incremental test across running, cycling and swimming. Lactic levels have an exponential response through exercise. Knowing when your lactic levels ‘spike’ upwards is important as this represents a threshold indicating where your maximum sustained rate of work occurs. This variable is also the most responsive to exercise training making the test a great way to look at performance gains.


Skinfold assessment is a quick and easy way to assess your body fat % and track how you are losing weight, if you are losing weight too rapidly and also to assess the quality of your dietary practices. We offer skinfold assessment for as little as $25 per assessment.

For further information see our article on skinfold assessment or contact us.


Exercise Institute is excited to offer discounted dexa scans for exercisers. This tool can be used to best outline what your body composition is and how your training and dietary practices can be tailored to suit YOUR own goals.