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3D Bike Fitting & Efficiency Testing

Want to measure actual change and improvement in your power output for a given oxygen consumption rate?

Choose 3D Bike Fitting and Efficiency Testing.

  • Several of the World Tour teams are now utilising this technology to further the performance of their subjects.
  • The efficiency test brings an objective measurement to a traditionally subjective bike fitting process.
  • The test can take around 2-2.5hrs to complete.
  • We need you, your bike, HR chest monitor, any spare parts required to fit the bike, your cycling shoes/clothing to do the Bike FIt and Efficiency Testing.
  • Road, Mountain, Time Trial, Flat bar, Cyclocross and other types of bikes can be fitted.
3d bike fitting and efficiency testing faq



3D Bike Fit & Efficiency Testing

$350 (2.5 hours bike fitting)

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