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When it comes to professional cycling in Perth, the Exercise Institute is the place to go. From coaching and training to testing and bike fitting, we have the tools to help athletes and exercisers alike.


Our coaching system for running is largely based on tailored individualised programs for each individual. This format best suits people wanting to train to their own structured training plan, based on their own fitness testing and development, rather then in large groups.


In order to change something that is important to you, we must measure it. Testing allows for a more complete understanding of your own physiology around exercise and for the adequate prescription of exercise for you.


Training can be tailored to each individual and complete in isolation or onsite at our training facility based on your testing outcomes.

3D Bike Fitting

Our 3 dimensional bike fitting software allows for the practitioner to make sensitive adjustments to your position to refine comfort, efficiency, power and aerodynamics.


Aerotesting allows us to tailor your position for the optimal aerodynamic position on the bike. As every cyclist is unique in shape and size, your corresponding best aerodynamic position is also unique to you, testing will uncover what makes you fastest.

Women’s Cycling

Women’s only cycling. Our friendly, safe and supportive individual and group training classes are for female cyclists alone.

BONT Cycling Shoes

Bont cycling shoes are a premium shoe design that are made for cyclists feet. The most comfortable shoe on the market.