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Private Coaching

Our private one-on-one swimming coaching is perfect for all swimming abilities.

Our specialist swimming coaches will work closely with you to grow your knowledge and develop your swimming ability in the water. Swimming has an added challenge; you can not see your own technique.

All our technique development coaching works to give you the ability to read your own form to achieve a comfortable yet efficient stroke. Our goal is ensure you have the tools to assess and control your own swimming technique time after time, whether practicing for leisure or training to win the world championship.

Private Technical Development (60mins)

Our private swimming development sessions can be purchased by the hour as a single, 4 block, or 10 block. These sessions can be held at Bold Park Aquatic or Christ Church Grammar School, depending on lane availability. Each session includes a copy of your session notes and tailored progressions and drills, as required, for you to work on during your own time.

Under Water Video Analysis Session (90 mins)

The 1.5-hour UW-VA is a single coaching session. The session starts with under and above water filming of your swimming before returning to the pool deck to review and break down your footage on-screen together. The filming and footage review usually takes 30 - 45 mins of your 1.5-hour session. The remainder of the session is spent in the water, developing your new technique to establish your tailored technique indicators. After your session, you will receive a technical analysis review video via email. The video will include on-screen annotations and a voice-over guide.

Pricing - Private Technical Development
Single: $135
4 block: $450
10 block: $950

Pricing - Under Water Video Analysis
UW-VA 1.5 hours: $295
UW-VA add on: + $160

All swimming purchases have a 12 month expiry

UW-VA can be added to any 60 min session, single or block, for $160. The add on extends your 60 min session to 90 mins. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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