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Cycling Training

Here at the Exercise Institute, we have a great selection of cycling training sessions for all fitness levels. From indoor and outdoor sessions to altitude training, we have created safe and friendly environments for athletes and exercisers.

Similar to riding by yourself or in a group with others, doing so in a structured environment generally accelerates the adaptive process: making you fitter faster. For instance, individuals who train at our indoor facility measure around 5-10% more power output during a session compared to doing the same session on a home trainer. Why? The motivational environment is higher and your progress is monitored across the session. We bring quality to your high intensity training environment.

Indoor Session

Based on your own fitness, these sessions are completely tailored to your own ability, bringing specificity to your training regime.

Outdoor Session

A structured on road session that practices the physicality of cycling and its technicality in a fun and friendly environment.

Altitude Training

Allows for adaptation via acclimatisation to high altitude in the comfort of your own home.