Perth Exercise Testing and Training Specialists

Cycling, Running, & Swimming Testing at our athlete lab in Perth WA

From specific baseline testing, through to individual prescription of exercise programming, we will ensure you have an enjoyable indoor training experience that fast tracks your fitness needs

Our performance tests provide opportunity to measure your current baseline fitness so that measureable gains made over time are reliable and accurate. These cover not only cycling specific tests but running, swim power and VO2 max testing.

We offer a range of training sessions to suit different training needs. Not all exercise is the same, meaning we can assist you in improving sprinting and acceleration ability, sustained cycling power, critical swim speeds, running threshold pace, improving overall fitness safely, or just enjoying a good workout in our Perth training studio!

All of our cycling, swimming and running training services are available to be booked online for a sessional basis.
Alternatively we also offer a monthly membership option that allows access to the different training options we have available, including the gym facility.

Specifically tailored programs, developed by the Exercise Institute team, are made to suit any level and ensure improved performance; as well as health, prosperity, participation and enjoyment in exercise. These immeasurable outcomes are what our team aim to achieve with every client.