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VO2 Max Testing

The gold standard measurement of your personal fitness capacity.

A VO2 Max test measures a wide range of variables, in relation to different exercise intensities. This testing is perfect for athletes currently in training as it allows for the unique measurement of your own training intensity thresholds, including: Fat Max, first threshold, second threshold, VO2 Max and more. These variables in turn allow us to accurate prescribe training intensity to your own unique fitness profile.

VO2 Max testing measures the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide during increasing exercise intensity over time, usually 15-25 minutes of an increasing intensity test. You wear a mask to capture this data, which is analysed breath by breath to determine where your unique training zones are.

We use the term unique as rarely does a fixed percentage of heart rate maximum equate to a specific training zone, nor is this an indicator of how fit someone is, or how to best train an individual for their own optimal performance. Once you have completed the test and the data is analysed, we can report to you your unique training zones and fitness metrics for future use.

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V02 Max Testing