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Lactate Testing

Looking for a lower cost option to monitor your response to different types of exercise intensities?

Lactate Testing is a great way to measure this. This testing is perfect for athletes currently in training as it allows for a physiological analysis of what is occurring internally during increasing exercise intensity. This information can be used to approximate training zones and the bodies response to exercise.

Lactate testing measures the lactate accumulation in capillary blood samples during increasing exercise intensity over time, usually 15-25 minutes of an increasing intensity test. You will perform a graded exercise test and have blood samples extracted from finger tip or ear lobe at the end of each stage of the test, with each stage approximating around 2-5min steps. The rate of lactate accumulation allows for understanding around what exercise intensity elicits different lactate responses during exercise, with this data we can outline different training zones based on your own unique physiology.

We use the term unique as rarely does a fixed percentage of maximum heart rate equate to a specific training zone, nor is this an indicator of how fit someone is, or how to best train an individual for their own optimal performance. Once you have completed the test and the data is analysed, we can report to you your unique training zones and fitness metrics for future use allowing you to train with greater specificity and accuracy.

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Lactate Testing