Tour of Thailand Stage 3

BY IN Exercise Institute News On April 3, 2013

Today’s long stage adjacent the coast was largely uneventful for us. Despite several breaks being reeled back in, the stage was set for a bunch sprint. To their credit the Malaysian team in yellow road really well and pulled all day along with the help of the Malaysian national team and several other Asian teams. Strength in numbers.

With the final approaching Henry was super proactive, so too were Alex and Peter, in covering moves in an attempt to get clear. With 180km’s of racing completed for the day a small break could easily escape…

However this was not to be, with 2km’s remaining I collected Paul and consistently kept him toward the front ten, as Alex drove forward for the final 500 with the big PV (Paul) on his wheel, the sprint was total chaos with around 5 high speed crashes.

PV made a run for the line but was collected by another training making a faster run to the line, finishing 7th. The guys rode really strongly today in a largely uneventful stage. Interestingly the Power/HR correlation I was talking about on the first day has now crept back to a 10% deficit from the 15% cited on the first day. Slowly we all become heat acclimatised. Part of the severity of the heat here is in the humidity as this reduces the body’s ability to cool via evaporation as humidity is close to 95% most days.

After watching the guys ride today, I would think some of our better days lie ahead. Paul is second on the sprints classification, but more importantly only 45seconds from overall honours. This remains our primary goal and to this end the entire team is required for his service. The boys are rising to the roles of domestique service.


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  • Charlie


    Epic efforts from the team all round by sounds of it, Brad. Some great reading and clearly an exciting event. Having "Big PV" so close must be motivational for the guys. Keep it up mate.

    • Brad

      7 YEARS AGO

      Thanks Charlie, the boys are really Gee'd!

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