Tour of Thailand Stage 2

BY IN Exercise Institute News On April 3, 2013

We were pretty pumped about Pauls ride yesterday and the legitimate prospect of contesting the race lead today. Our primary intent was to assist Paul by delivering him to breaks and lead him out for the intermediate sprint for the associated time bonus’s…

Easy said than done. The guys rode brilliantly. We claimed the intermediate sprint points with a solid showing on front and were within 1sec of yellow on the road. All this hard work left us momentarily exposed and a significant break eventuated.

On the front we pulled for the race entire. With around 15 riders up the road and about 8 guys pulling we were massively out gunned, but the role of the riders not on GC is simple. Pull until the break returns or death.

Thus we pulled and at best had the 2min group at around 45seconds before the road narrowed and attacks stimulated the bunch to pace at the 45km/hr average.

Around this point Henry and Paul rode clear in an attempt to bridge to the front group. From here on end, Peter, Alex and I were spent from the hard chase and rolled in with what was remaining of the peloton.

Unfortunately Paul lost time from the lead and is now 6th on GC some 45seconds in arrears. The prospect of riding like we did today for another 750kilometers is not an entertaining one, however it would have been great to have the yellow in possession had of we returned the break into the pelotons fold.

Very rarely do you get to empty yourself on the front of a bike race, but today that was required of the riders and to this task they did everything in their power to deliver Paul to the stage result.

Now we turn to 3x 200km days of racing and the very real prospect that the group will dissolve into a blubbering mess… Looking forward to it.


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