The Dams Training Program

BY IN Exercise Institute News On November 15, 2017

Exercise Institute offers a science based training program for women and men that is tailored to your own fitness levels and goals, staring from $139/month

What is included

  • Weekly training sessions, including:
  1. Indoor testing and training of Vo2 max Power, this establishes a baseline fitness with which future indoor sessions are tailored to. Each session is specific to you.
  2. Outdoor group training sessions are fun, social and challenging with the sessions based on your present fitness level (2 sessions a week). These occur on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from inner city locations and start from 6 am-730 am. We also have women’s only specific sessions should this suit you.
  3. A training template to follow for each day.
  • Access to nutrition programming for power improvements
  • Advice and input on effective strength training programming to compliment your training experience (Cycling specific GYM programming)
  • Access to trained exercise physiology staff and individuals with extensive endurance training experience
  • Reduced bike fitting costing to ensure you are comfortable and injury free for the Dams challenge

You can sign on for the program whenever you like, though we recommend at least a 3 month preparation phase. We also offer more comprehensive coaching packages which can be found here

For more information contact us here

To sign on to the program complete the associated link here


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