Angie Mc Robbie: Meet our new Women’s Cycling Perth trainer

Angie Mc Robbie is our newest addition to the Women’s Cycling Perth program This program has gone from strength to strength owing to the incredible efforts of Shannon who in turn has passed on training to several of the Veris Racing women in Sabine, Sofia, Erin and Megan. Angie will assist with one on one [...]

L’Etape Australia: Raechel Paris

L’Etape Australia Race Report L’Etape (French for ‘The Stage’) was held in the Snowy Mountains in early December 2017. After riding Amy’s Gran Fondo in September, the 157km gran fondo, with about 2,700m of climbing, seemed like a great next goal. It boasted the Col du Buloka – a 3km climb with a 22% pinch [...]

The Dams Training Program

Exercise Institute offers a science based training program for women and men that is tailored to your own fitness levels and goals, staring from $139/month What is included Weekly training sessions, including: Indoor testing and training of Vo2 max Power, this establishes a baseline fitness with which future indoor sessions are tailored to. Each session [...]

Women’s Cycling Perth Program

Womens Cycling Perth Schedule here: Womens cycling Meet Shannon or head coach here: Shannon!  Individual Sessions: $15 for the Wednesday on road Kings park session, 6am Frasers carpark, sign up here Monthly Sessions: $40/month for weekly Wednesday on road Kings Park sessions, 6am Frasers carpark, sign up here Monthly Sessions & Indoor testing/training: $139/month for weekly [...]