Elite Belgium Racing: from Training to Racing

Belgium Kermise Racing (BKR) What is so unique about this style of racing is the intermittent nature of effort required to complete a race and complete a race well. This is very unique to flat and fast racing alongside a quality field over 2.5-3 hours of intensity. We look at some of the data files [...]

Training a Masters Female Cyclist

Dana is an incredible athlete. Since coming off her bike and suffering incredible injuries we have been on a process of discovery about Dana’s physiology and ‘makeup’. This has involved Dexa Scans, GYM strength training programs, Vo2 max testing, multiple indoor training sessions of Vo2max intensities, heat training sessions, Altitude training cycles….. All of this [...]

Julia Kalotas Takes 2nd in Goldfields Tour

A hectic finish saw Julia and also Niken Jeffries finish well in the final sprint on stage 3 of the Goldfields Tour for Nicheliving Racing We had a Verve: Infocrank power meter on board and were able to accurately outline Julias throw to the line. It certainly was not a conventional finish for Julia, she [...]

Time Trialing and Power Meters: When the ‘Race of Truth’ is False

For many athletes acquiring a predetermined averaged speed for a time trial (TT), like averaging 40km/hr for a 40km TT, is an internal or performance goal. It is after all the ‘race of truth’ and of their own doing exclusively, right? Well it may be a little more complex than this. The beautiful thing about [...]

Watts/Kilogram: why power may be more relevant than weight

An article recently published in the Harvard Medical Publications website looked at the importance of resting energy expenditure relative to weight loss. The exert from this publication can be found here: Exercise and weight loss: the importance of resting energy expenditure If one person cuts back on calories without exercising and another person increases exercise without [...]

Performance Training Program

Hall Cycle Training Performance Training Program For those cyclists who want to take their cycling to a new level Do you want to: Smash ya mates Crunch Hills Get lean Be competitive Have fun doing it….? Has your cycling performance reached a plateau? Are you bored with the same routes and same groups?  Have you [...]