Elite Belgium Racing: from Training to Racing

Belgium Kermise Racing (BKR) What is so unique about this style of racing is the intermittent nature of effort required to complete a race and complete a race well. This is very unique to flat and fast racing alongside a quality field over 2.5-3 hours of intensity. We look at some of the data files [...]

Training with Power: what’s the fuss?

Why train with power? Power meters are now common in the world of cycling, from the professional to club or weekend rider. But do many of us really understand their use and purpose and how the power meter helps to improve the performance of a cyclist? We address the following questions: Why is training with a power [...]

Performance Training Program

Hall Cycle Training Performance Training Program For those cyclists who want to take their cycling to a new level Do you want to: Smash ya mates Crunch Hills Get lean Be competitive Have fun doing it….? Has your cycling performance reached a plateau? Are you bored with the same routes and same groups?  Have you [...]