Exercise Institute offers technical and squad based swimming training

Swimming: our point of difference is the focus on technical aspects of swimming ahead of speed or pace based work alone. We believe a healthy combination of both is critical to swimming economy and speed, with technical based swimming also facilitating more low intensity training volume critical to swimming success.

Why Technical based Swimming?

Swimming occurs in a very viscous (fluid) environment and is what exercise scientists describe as an open kinetic chain discipline. An open kinetic chain is the opposite of a closed kinetic chain. Both running and cycling are closed kinetic chain movements, in that a force is applied to the ground or a pedal/crank to which this offers a particular direction of propulsion. In swimming there is no fixed direction to propel off, rather if you pull your arms, kick your legs, etc. in a particular direction the body will follow this movement. When swimming HOW you get through the water is as important as the force generated, this does not apply to running and cycling to the same degree.

In swimming if technique is not sufficient one could be generating a great deal of force through the stoke/kick cycles and thus not propelling forward as fast as one could. So, learning how to propel oneself economically through the water is as important as fitness in the water.

Having the ability to instruct swimmers on technical aspects of swimming comes with experience and insight into what the primary metrics are for ‘technical training’. Some of these insights are velocity oscillation, stroke length and stroke rate. We have also measured the ‘power output’ of swimmers to gauge how fit they are in comparison to how technically proficient they are. Interestingly the power output of a swimmer does not correlate with speed as well as the stroke length does. These concepts can become familiar to you once we have taken you through some of our initial service offerings.

How do I proceed?

By signing up for technical sessions our instructors will be able to gauge swimming proficiency and advise what steps could be taken to remedy or accelerate your ‘growth rate’ in the pool. We offer a multitude of services to assist in your swimming journey, including technical swim analysis, video analysis and private technical swim training by specialists in their field

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