Supplements and Athletes

BY IN Exercise Institute News On May 21, 2016

Research into supplements and athletic performance

The use of supplementation to improve athletic performance is nothing new, it has occurred for thousands of years.

Owing to advances in research and methodological processes, scientific inquiry has begun to identify the complexities around what might work and in what situation this could occur.

Importantly, conflicting evidence around supplementation in athletes usually indicates more research is needed as opposed to whether a supplement ‘does’ or ‘does not’ work.

Our advice is simple, try it for yourself.

Recent research has highlighted that athletes who use supplements compared to those that don’t, differ in their favorable-doping attitudes, norms and beliefs. To this end, doping use is 3.5 times more likely in supplemental users than non-users. Supplement usage, if left unchecked, could lead to increased chance of doping use via a ‘gateway-hypothesis’.

Supplementation exists on a continuum of legal aids at one end and illegal aids at the other. There is a clear line drawn as to which is which, thus the dimension is also categorical in nature. It is important athletes understand the limitations of supplementation and that they strictly adhere to sporting rules and ethics that support and prevent harm to athletes.

It is our recommendation that supplements are used with the above information in mind and never sold to minors without an adults consent and education around its use.

The supplements listed below have links which explain a brief overview of positive effects only and subsequent dosages and products. It is recommended that these supplements are cycled in use with loading phases prior key events only and not taken year-round. All products are pharmaceutical grade and available in-store at exercise institute.

Beta-Alanine– improving all out anaerobic capacity, and GYM strength performance (30s-3min outputs)

Ex Inst Caffeine fact sheet– improving aerobic endurance performance (10min+ outputs)

Ex Inst Sodium Phosphate fact sheet– improving aerobic capacity performance (4-10min+ outputs)

Nitrate Consumption– Improving sub-maximal endurance and ultra endurance performance (longer sub maximal intensity events)

Ex Inst Anthocyanin fact sheet– Improving aerobic performance (4mins+ outputs), by buffering lactic acid production



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