Sarah Duffield: Battle on the Border, Stage 1

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Wet Wild Weather!

An unfortunate mechanical for myself in the first 1km after hitting a pot hole which meant that I needed to stop and then ride like a mad woman to catch the bunch, for almost an hour! Our team manager Carolyn Haines then kept me focused and sent me on my way, she then provided me with constant encouragement, which was soooooo incredible and an absolute godsend. I sadly ended up time trailing solo for what felt like a ridiculously long time; it was 45minutes and 36seconds to be precise..! There were a number high fives all round when I returned to the bunch and I was friggen stoked to say the least.
Meanwhile my Teamies had been kicking goals in the bunch and sitting pretty for the upcoming climbs.
Mel unfortunately for the first time ever in her racing career experienced a flat at the 50km mark, just missing the down pour which was a blessing in disguise..
Liz was then smashing herself to bits up the climbs but had dropped slightly from the front bunch, she managed to find a group and finished only a few minutes behind the front. Jade was cool as a cucumber and held her own so unbelievably well and blitzed her way up some solid hills, as I yo-yo off the back a number of times. Thankfully I was extremely lucky to find some awesome gals who worked like trogons to get back on each time! Jade and I were really lucky to narrowly miss a number stacks into the finish line as we weaved our way through narrow roads and roundabouts. We both managed to successfully and safely finish with the front bunch in some really challenging and hazardous conditions.🙏🏻👊🏻 Our team results are yet to be published but I have a good feeling. We will however, keep you posted. ✌🏻️




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