Rottnest Time Trial Training Camp

BY IN Exercise Institute News On July 21, 2016

Enjoy a friendly and informative training camp on the picturesque Rottnest Island

The UCI Championship Time Trial event is particularly technical and challenging owing to multiple blind corners, undulations and cross winds. Being adequately prepared with prior knowledge of the course is imperative to performance on race day.

We have secured accommodation across a four day period where reconnaissance can take place and analysis of various environmental and pacing strategies can occur.

When: Thursday August 18th to Sunday August 21st. Bookings taken for the day or the entire period

Where: Geordie Bay Rottnest

Who: Brad Hall will be hosting the camp. Access to 4 separate beds

Costing: $150 a day

What is involved?

  • Accommodation is provided, or for day travelers access to housing, shower, etc.
  • Review of the course- this is quite involved and will take a considerable amount of time. Our aim for each individual is to have a thorough understanding of each corner, blind corner etc. such that you can enter each corner/technical section knowing what is on the other side, before you get there.
  • Review some of the aerodynamic tactics to go faster on race day, these need to be explained theoretically firstly, then applied to different sections of the TT course
  • Reviewing some of the supplementation you can use to get a little more out of your TT on race day and training leading into the event
  • Completing race paced drills through sections appropriate to do so, in order to best familiarise you with the terrain and profile
  • Analysis of technique in real-time and retrospectively for best effect on race day. Including power, positioning and pacing strategy

To reserve your spot for a day or period please email us today

Rottnest Island course route: Time Trial

Rottnest Island Course Route: Time Trial


Rottnest Island Course Profile: Time Trial

Rottnest Island Course Profile: Time Trial



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