Perth Indoor Ergo Training: An introduction

BY IN Exercise Institute News On June 18, 2014

computrainer3dOver the last 18months Chris and I have been working to bring to Perth a new training concept for WA endurance athletes. A part of this focus has seen the arrival of 13 state of the art stationary bikes used for training, virtual racing, fitness testing and even scientific research. This forms part of a new business entity that will soon be announced which will represent a state of the art facility for endurance training and exercise prescription. However I will focus my attention on the indoor ergo training for now…

Indoor ergo training is not all about staying dry in winter, it is about riding in a contained environment that enables better detection of training output and exercise adaptation. The indoor ergo bikes we use are of an exceptional standard, among the best money can buy and this is for good reason. All measures, wattage, torque, heart rate etc. have been empirically validated and thus these are the machines used for conducting actual scientific testing.

Why is this important you may ask? Well measuring someone’s incremental adaptation week to week can be highly motivating and a motivated cyclist is, in my opinion, a healthy cyclist. Apart from being able to detect incremental gains in ones adaptation rate the indoor ergo facility also allows for safe riding away from elements and traffic. You can literally plug into your favourite music file, or have one of the trainers take you through the immense array of information presented visually as you ride. We can even look at force outputHomeBanner_pic5 through a pedal stroke to see how you are generating power and if this is deemed ‘efficient’ or not.

The multi-rider facility here at the centre also allows for 8 people to race each other over any course in the world, replicating real gradients, drafting and even the drag of the rider moving through air.

Session pricing starts from just $25 for an hour session. 10272647_511526922309702_7545449614652935413_o

Opening hours are from 6am-6pm Weekdays with Saturday mornings also available for sessions.

The table below represents the schedule for the computrainer system, where you can bring your own bike (road or TT bike) and train/race over various courses depending on the session.

We also have hourly slots available for a standalone stationary ergo bike which provides real time feedback of output generated and also enables us to tailor a training session specific to our own fitness level. Please email for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at the centre this winter!




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