On-site Exercise Testing and Training for Perth Organisations & Corporations

Copy of “on-site testing for organisations’ information sheet for download- HERE (295kb). Right click and select “Save As” if not automatically downloaded.

You can also view a short video of the on-site program HERE

The Exercise Institute provides on-site exercise testing for corporate and public service organisations in Perth WA that include a health and wellness initiative. This program will help educate employees about the ideal exercise time for maximal advantage.

  • Testing – We deliver calibrated indoor exercise bikes to the the workplace in Perth and all surrounding suburbs, and conduct individual testing and and provide information about exercise programming. All equipment is provided
  • Program –  the program is based on evidence that 20 minutes of intermittent interval based exercise can equal 30-40 minutes of walking or running at one pace. This means a structured 20 minute workout is going to get people fitter in less time and with more targeted success then taking a one hour walk at lunchtime.
  • Measure – We screen each individual and measure their  fitness level to structure a exercise program based on that information. This is completed for every staff member in groups of three, unless an individual requests a personal consultation. The results remain confidential.
  • Training – after the testing is completed we apply the information to regular exercise activities such as running, walking, swimming or cycling so that those activities become workouts tailored to an individuals fitness needs.
  • Health and Wellness – We provide a 40 minute seminar to groups of employees identifying changes to their lifestyle that will improve the physical and emotional health and wellbeing.


The package of services can be structured to suit the needs of any workplace and is delivered onsite, minimising disruption to your productivity and routine.  We believe the costs will be returned by improved staff retention and productivity and organisational cohesion and cooperation. We already have some locations and workshops in place across Perth benefiting from this opportunity to provide onsite corporate training, exercising & testing.

The cost starts at $960 for 16 people which provides one half day of testing and training. For more information please email