Never missing a turn – Women’s A Grade Collie

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Collie-Donnybrook highlights elite standards of women’s racing in WA

Lining up at Collie at the weekend was the Women’s A Grade field that included a list of strong and talented women who reflect the high standard and strength of women’s racing in WA.

The A Grade women started at 11 minutes before the scratch bunch in the handicapped race from Collie to Donnybrook and return.

The group including former World TT Champion Jessica Allen, current Australian u/23 Champion Rebecca Mackey. Add to the list Sarah Duffield, Sofia Erhard and Carmen De Rooze.

The experience in the bunch of women was an indication of fireworks to come. Erin Kinnealy, currently one of the strongest riders coming out of WA and competing on the national scene provided us with a report from the race. Erin finished 2nd on the day in a great race, and boys, she never missed a turn!

Erin Kinnealy

“Off in the 11 minute group, we rolled from the get-go to keep the pace high. The 9 minute group caught us at 45km mark and a mass group of 60 riders with about 20 to 30 working drove it to Mumballup.

“21kms to go we reach our first test up Mumballup hill, we lost at least half the riders but the pace was very subdued post climb and the rout reformed with the pace very slow.

“We hit Heartbreak Hill and I scooted up as hard as I could because Scratch was about to gobble us up and I DID NOT WANT TO LOSE CONTACT!

“I crest the hill with them and we were away, full noise into town.

“I ballsed up the finish, chose the wrong path up the inside and ran into traffic, switched to the outside, negotiated the turn, unfortunately lost ground but closed well in the sprint.

“All in all, an extremely successful day out, never missing a turn, gave it EVERYTHING to stay with scratch up the last rise!”


Sofia rolling turns at a WCMCC event

Sofia Erhard

“This was hard work with the first hill being a real challenge.

“Our group got caught very early. I think I finished 4th female =-) very happy with the day, felt like I passed a milestone as I managed to push myself that little extra to hang on and roll through.”

Both riders are heading to Victoria tomorrow to compete in the National Road Series Tour of the King Valley. With hard racing like this under their belt, they are certain to rock the boats of some of the eastern states teams.


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