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Incorporating diverse understandings for optimal case management

Sarah works alongside various experts in their fields of sport and exercise science to deliver individualised process tailored to ANY level of fitness and ability.

Why Physiotherapy with Sarah?

  • Sarah is an athlete herself who understands the demands and requirements of your individual body’s needs – and your personal goals
  • 14 yrs experience as.a Physio incorporating a whole body, holistic approach but merges this with evidence-based science, remaining specific to your goals. With dry needling, manual therapy, soft tissue massage and specific exercise prescription available, among other treatment modalities, you are in good hands
  • Sarah believes early intervention equals faster recovery, and is passionate to ensure your very best outcome long term
  • “Body Work” – Sarah calls it body work because it’s “bits of ‘all the things’“, Pilates, Yoga, Physio exercises, Barre, mobility, conditioning.
  • Sarah practices what she preaches – she will inspire you with an honest approach while providing precise therapy, management and advice

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Physio-led Pilates Performance Classes:

Designed to strengthen your deeper core, increase endurance, promote flexibility as well as prevent injury, this Performance Class is a specific class for efficiency and power, run by an experienced Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor – and athlete at the Exercise Institute.

A combination of specific Pilates-styled and Physio ‘Prehab’ exercises forms the basis of this detailed and thorough class, which will stretch and strengthen your body.

This a great class for ‘body work’ –  conditioning, fine muscle control and utilising your biomechanics for alignment and ultimately your performance.

Sarah has been teaching this class for over 8 years, with variations for both beginners as well as high end advanced moves, which she tailors to your needs as required.

Class Schedule:
– Monday 6:30am
– Thursday 6:15pm

1hr sessions, bookings essential as places are strictly limited. $30 per class, or Monthly pass $100 for 4 classes

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Strength Training with Sarah our Physiotherapist
Strength training can be used to:
  • Improve performance (Anaerobic Power; Motor Economy)
  • Reduce injury risks
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Increase metabolism
  • Increase fat free mass

In older populations and female cohorts the benefits of strength training are even more pronounced: there is literally no better time to start lifting.

Sarah can take you through correct functional assessments and training technique to ensure you are lifting safely and correctly. More Information here

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