Intermediate GYM Program: 12th September

BY IN Exercise Institute News On August 23, 2016

Extending on from our successful GYM programs for endurance athletes we are pleased to be able to offer a strength training schedule aimed at a more experienced strength-trained athlete. The difference lies in the increased focus on the prime movers or major muscle groups, with exercises exploiting these muscle directly and also through functional movements adapted to YOUR sport. Thus we aim to stress the muscle groups responsible for your locomotion.

It is expected that each participant would be currently engaged in strength training in order to receive the full benefit from the program.

Thus far we have seen power output gains of between 5-27% from the GYM training program. The highest percentage gains come from older cohorts and women in-particular. Our last program saw a 60 year old male improve power output by 23%, with a 35 year old female improving by a staggering 27%. Even younger athletes can benefit with improvements in power ranging from 4-8% on average. Whether you are a runner, swimmer or cyclists you will benefit from this program.

What to expect?
Apart from strength gains and an increase in bone mineral density, we have seen sprint power gains from 5-27% over the term of the program. Additionally strength training improves mechanical efficiency such that you can maintain a certain power or pace for a lower oxygen consumption!!

What is involved?
Two sessions per week: Monday 5-6pm or 7-8pm and Friday 630-730am
Baseline test of Anaerobic power
Tailored gym program to improve endurance performance, suitable for swimmers, cyclists and runners.
Two Gym sessions per week with no more than 3 other participants

COST: $30/session, $360 for the program, including use of the gym facilities during all opening hours.

Pay online Gym Program – 6 weeks from 12th September  
Places are limited to 5 people for the program entire


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