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Training in the heat has clear benefits when racing in the heat, with more contemporary research findings demonstrating improved performance when racing or exercising in more temperate (cooler) environments. Several acute and chronic adaptations can occur when training in the heat. We will review some of these adaptations and give insight into how you might incorporate this into your weekly training schedule.

Importantly Exercise Institute offers Heat Training sessions every Saturday morning for cyclists and runners from our facility in West Perth. These sessions run for 2hrs+ and come at a costing of $30 for the session (half the usual price).

Tolerance to a stressor, be it heat, exercise or otherwise, usually enhances tolerance to the stressor. With respect to heat training (HT) adapting to heat can also improve performance in cooler conditions, meaning HT could be beneficial for every day performance. HT increases working capacity in humans. This occurs by an increase in tolerance to thermal disturbances (body’s ability to counteract an increase in temperature, such as sweating rate) and non-thermal disturbances (body improving other aspects not related to counteracting temperature increases, such as cardiac output).

Some of the benefits of heat training are as follows:

  • increase in sweating rate
  • decrease in electrolyte content in sweat
  • increase in plasma volume
  • increase in red blood cell volume (significant benefit to all athletes)
  • decrease in skin blood flow
  • decrease in resting and sub-maximal exercise body temperature (beneficial for all athletes especially Ironman/70.3 athletes)
  • decrease in heart rate at sub-maximal work (beneficial for all athletes especially Ironman/70.3 athletes)
  • improved heart rate contractile efficiency
  • improved cardiac output (primary performance indicator for endurance athletes)
  • improved maximal oxygen uptake
  • improved sub-maximal economy
  • decreased carbohydrate metabolism (beneficial for ultra endurance athletes)
  • improved lactate threshold, anabolic performance and even strength gains

Every Saturday morning we offer training in controlled warm environments at our studio in West Perth. Here we aim to gradually increase the ‘Heat Tolerance’ of athletes in a safe and progressive environment. It is important to be prepared for heat training by reading our information document which can be downloaded here; Heat Acclimatisation for Endurance Athletes, prior to exercise.
It is quite easy to progress HT at too rapid a rate and compromise your training for the remaining weeks even months if progression is not suitable. To register for these sessions please follow the link found here, or book in by downloading our phone APP under ‘exercise institute’, then reserving a place under power sessions, 7am-9am & or 9am-11am, Saturday.

More information about the adaptive effects and items of interested can be downloaded via this link: Heat Acclimatisation for Endurance Athletes. Additionally a nice info-graphic around some of these adaptations can be found here:

Heat Training

Heat Training Infographic


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