GYM training involves two x one hour sessions completed weekly (Monday afternoon & Friday morning)
Group size 4-5 people only

Session 1

Baseline functional force assessment; measuring the force magnitude and force rate of your unique anaerobic power signature

Session 2

Introduction to functional movement patterns specific to your sport and previous exercise history

Session 3

Movement patterns are adapted to your own rate of development, designed to optimally exploit your kinetic chain.

Session 4

Re-test the functional force assessment: this outlines amount of improvement over the time course of program (usually 5%-10%)

Cost $300 for a 6 week program

This is a high quality, low quantity training program developed alongside experts in their field of Strength Training.

Strength GYM training involves the use of functional movement patterns being exposed to force magnitudes greater then what an individual might be exposed to during their chosen endurance activity: cycling, running, swimming, walking, rowing etc.

Improvements include: Increased anaerobic power and metabolism; increased movement economy; increased output at thresholds and Vo2max (women specific); decreased injury risk; increased bone density and tendon/ligament strength.