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BY IN Exercise Institute News On December 25, 2016

Are you looking to increase your  power or improve your base strength fitness for triathlon, swimming, time trial, running or the road season?
This 6 week GYM program will achieve these goals. More information about GYM training benefits for endurance athletes can also be found here.

A GYM program increases strength, reduces risk of injury, improves sprinting power and also enhances health outcomes in endurance athletes.
Master’s athletes are prone to a greater % improvements than younger athletes. In fact one recent study showed a two fold increase in strength/power for masters athletes compare to younger ones. Sign on and start when you wish.

What to expect?
Apart from strength gains and an increase in bone mineral density, we have seen sprint power gains from 5-12% over the term of the program. Additionally strength training improves mechanical efficiency such that you can maintain a certain power or pace for a lower oxygen consumption!! For all endurance athletes strength training can reduce injury risk by up to 66%…

What is involved?
Two sessions per week: You can choose times that suit you, just let us know!
Baseline test of Anaerobic power
Tailored gym program to improve endurance performance, suitable for swimmers, cyclists and runners.
Two Gym sessions per week with no more than 4 other participants

COST: $30/session, $360 for the program, including use of the gym facilities during all opening hours.

Pay online:
For the introductory program,
Introductory GYM program – 6 weeks
For the intermediate program (Intro program should be done prior),
Intermediate GYM program – 6 weeks

Contact Us today for more information 

Places are limited to 5 people for the program entire


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