GYM for Endurance Performance

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A big part of our philosophy at exercise institute is being able to demonstrate to clients how they are improving and why this has occurred. We are able to provide pre and post GYM training intervention testing, aimed at endurance athletes, in an effort to quantify the gains of their hard work across running, swimming and cycling performance. Apart from performance gains there are also significant muscular-skeletal improvements that drastically decrease the chances of overuse injuries, with some research suggesting the risk profile is halved.

Benefits of gym training are as follows:

  • Improvement in motor economy: the amount of oxygen used to complete work (power, pace, etc) is reduced, meaning the body is more efficient across running cycling and swimming.
  • Improvement in Anaerobic performance: exercise completed that is usually short or at high intensities (above the Vo2 max) is improved by GYM training. Women on average have improved around 7% in this variable, with older men benefiting as much as 15-22%!!
  • Reduction in overuse injury risk
  • Maintenance or even improvement in bone mineral density, reducing the risk of osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) and fracture prevalence
  • Increase lean muscle mass: some research suggest an increase in muscle mass also increases metabolism, while also improving day to day functioning away from exercise. Often this occurs with a decrease in fat mass, meaning a reduction or stabilization of weight as measured via a Dexa Scan
Results outlining the degree and location of muscle and fat mass

Dexa Scan results outlining the degree and location of muscle and fat mass

Who benefits most?

  • Everyone tends to benefit from exercise. Recent research has shown if GYM based training is removed from the training environment mid season performance variables decrease in elite and non-elite athletes.
  • Older persons and Masters athletes. Recent research has demonstrated that younger athletes can improve across performance variables by around 4-6%, with older cohorts improving around 13-17% as average. This is certainly true based on our own findings.
  • Women compared to men. We have found women to benefit more on average, compared to men, regardless of age to strength training. Some of this, in our own interpretation, is owing to the fact women can often be encouraged to live more sedentary lifestyles and do less physically demanding work.

How do we see the benefits?

  • All of our programs have a baseline and post-intervention test to measure the performance increase.
  • Our programs are also tailored to suit YOUR exercise habits. If you are a runner then you engage the same muscle groups as cyclists, and different ones, via completely different kinematics. We tailor the way you lift to suit the demands of your sport.
  • Our programs are tailored to suit YOUR inefficiencies and imbalances. If you have a particular pathology or lack of activation in a key area supplemental activities are prescribe that are suitable to you. Not two are the same, so gym programming shouldn’t be either.

Our GYM programs last 6 weeks with bi-weekly sessions. The group size is small at around 5 people only and is administered through Exercise Scientists with clinical and practical experience. Importantly we listen to you and tailor programs to suit. We offer these sessions every 6-weeks, please inquire today by emailing us here


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