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BY IN Exercise Institute News On June 13, 2016

The Dexa-Scan is a tool used for accurate estimation of ones body composition and make-up.

This tool can be used to accurately estimate body fat, lean body (muscle) mass, and bone mineral density.

These factors can be used to better understand what training interventions and dietary interventions could take place to optimize your training experience.

For example, if an exerciser embarks on a calorie  restrictive diet often a reduction in weight is seen, however where the individual is losing weight can be of vital importance to long term health outcomes. A restrictive diet can shed kilograms of weight, often from lean muscle mass stores instead of fat stores. The disadvantage of this approach is that muscle has at least a 3-fold higher metabolic rate at rest compared to fat. So if the dieter decides to stop dieting, what will sustain the metabolism once a normal amount of calories begin to be consumed? Thus while weight loss has occurred so too has a decrease in metabolism, this may not be effective for long term health outcomes.

Results outlining the amount and location of muscle and fat mass of the whole body and each appendage

Alternatively if an exerciser embarks on a strength based and cardiovascular program we may see a large increase in muscle mass, with some reduction in fat mass. This could mean the individual gains 1-2 kilograms in weight after a significant effort to improve fitness. The weight gain in itself may hide the real complexities of development. This individual has potentially improved baseline metabolism regardless of weight gain. Similarly, when individuals begin exercising they find weight loss difficult and instead can have an incredible realignment of composition. This could develop along the lines of an increase in muscle mass of 5 kg’s and a decrease in fat mass of 5 kg’s meaning no weight loss, but a genuine change in body functioning for the better. This is a positive step forward and one that cannot be accounted for in weight gain/loss alone.

Another benefit of knowing your body composition lies in understanding where you are storing body fat. There is some evidence that localised deposits of fat are indicative of certain types of diet and food choices. With Dexa-Scan imaging we can track how dietary choices are effecting your composition and make-up. Knowing your make up is important to this end. Certain dietary interventions can change where the fat stores are deposited leading to improved health related outcomes via diet alone.

Finally, Dexa Scan also outlines the health status of your bone’s, via an estimation of your bone mineral density. Early detection of a loss of bone mineral density is important in preventing osteoporosis and osteopenia (deficient bone mineral density). Dietary and training interventions can be tailored to overcome these related declines in bone health. In non-load baring sports, such as cycling, bone mineral density can often be lacking. Simple weight baring activity and exercise, such as GYM, along with dietary interventions (if insufficient) can assist in stabilizing this decline.

Dexa-Scan enables accurate detection of what your body’s make up is and how small changes can be made around diet, training and lifestyle to ensure your body is getting the most out of both aspects. Costing is $90 per assessment, please email us to make an appointment today.


Results indicating the bone mineral density of the whole body and each appendage


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