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“We have seen on average to date an improvement in CdA to the tune of an 85 second reduction in a 40km time trial completion time”

“Importantly, no two people benefit from the same adjustments. Meaning the human body’s position which benefits one rider, may not benefit another. Lower is not necessary better, up turned bar extensions are not necessary better, it all comes down to how the individual interacts with their bike. Testing will reveal what works, everything else is hypothetical.”


aero testing perth


1. Taking a baseline measurement of CdA (drag coefficient) in a moving cyclist on a velodrome using the following variables: Power output, speed, mass, height, air density, temperature, among other variables. An enclosed velodrome is necessary for maximum accuracy.

2. Making adjustments to the outer shell of the rider, such as: changing bar height, for/aft position, adjusting bar width, arm height, among others, then measuring the change from baseline CdA.

3. Continued adjustments are made to facilitate the best CdA measure for the athlete.

This system of measurement is considered a gold standard, similar to that of a wind tunnel, with the benefit of measuring an actual moving rider as opposed to a static one (wind tunnel).

– Cycling Wheels can improve speed to the tune of 20seconds over a 1hr time trial, on average (Aero Wheels compared to Non Aero Wheels).
They also cost on average around $1500 – $2500, this equates to around $75 – $125 per second.

– Our Aero Testing can improve speed to the tune of 40 – 90 seconds over a 1hr time trial.
The process costs $450, this equates to around $5 – $11 per second.

Aerotesting yields a far more economical and successful improvement to aerodynamics


The process will take around 4hrs and needs to be scheduled in with velodrome hire availability, often occurring on weekdays.


Owing to track hire, the cost of having a mechanic and an aero-technician present for the 4 hours, means testing needs to occur in pairs of two riders at a time. Cost is $400-490 per person depending on track hire rates.

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aero bike testing perth