Corporate On-site Exercise Testing

BY IN Exercise Institute News On March 5, 2016

Providing on-site corporate exercise testing and training to improve heath, wellness and well-being

The Exercise Institute have recently been able to provide on-site exercise testing for corporations involving a health and wellness initiative which educates staff members around streamlining exercise time for maximal advantage. This involves the delivery of highly calibrated indoor exercise bikes to the corporations workplace, where individual testing and training of staff members is completed. Please see our dedicated page for information HERE

The initiative entails a measurement of each individual’s fitness level then tailors an interval protocol to their own fitness level. This is completed for every staff member in groups of 3 at a time. Recent research has demonstrated how 20 mins of intermittent interval work can equal 30-40 mins of steady-state walking or running. The protocol outlines how time-poor people can get the most out of their exercise with the limited time they have.

We follow the physical testing with instruction around how to apply this form of training to real world exercise scenarios including running, walking, swimming, cycling etc.

Finally, we provide a 40 min health and wellness seminar to staff members, outlining how physical exercise can improve measures of health, wellness, workplace productivity, mental stress and well-being. This outlines how the concise exercise techniques can improve quality of life within a very finite training time.

This package can be tailored to any corporation and delivered on-site to your work premise.


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