Client Testimonial: Claudia Dohr

BY IN Exercise Institute News, Women's Cycling News On July 2, 2016

So after a less then mediocre performance as triathlete I quit injured several years ago. I was fortunate enough though to have met Sarah Duffield during our TRI time. After watching her inspiring cycling journey and hearing of her TOMR win last year I was motivated to give this cycling ONLY business a go. My husband has always supported this idea.

After assisting me by signing me up for MTB events,the UCI TT Qualifier, buying me a bike and cycling with me on his “easy” days, he encouraged me to find a coach. After getting my first program from Jess Allen in December 2015 and visiting the exercise institute my love to the bike deepened. I couldn’t ask for more from my coach. Her structured program and evidence based knowledge as well as her close support have been faultless. The help from Brad Hall and the exercise institute are the icing on the cake. Thank you for making me a stronger cyclist and encouraging me to chase my dream.

I still have a long way to go and much to learn. I would love to attend more group sessions but geographic challenge ¬†and work commitments don’t often allow this. As my goals won’t be reached anytime soon I hopefully will get to train with Steff, Mark and Mel more. Everyone Exercise Institute has been very supportive and motivating.

Thank you

Claudia Dohr


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