Exercise Institute is now a provider and fitter of BONT Cycling Shoes. Bont allows for the complete customise colour of your own shoe.

We offer heavily discounted prices and a bespoke fitting service through our resident podiatric medicine candidate Matthew Storer

To see the BONT catalogue please see here, or contact us here.



We offer a premium fitting service including custom moulding, foot assessment and review for $80. A worthy investment for anyone with injury or soreness.

  • initial fitting using a Branock device to get the precise length and width of the feet
  • heat moulding and fitting of the shoes
  • limb length and other biomechanical measurements
  • video analysis
  • if necessary cleat and other adjustments

The reason for the steps after shoe fitting in the fitting process, is that the shoe forms only one of the variables in the foot-shoe-pedal interface. The other variables include stack height (shoe, cleat and pedal platform height above spindle), cleat fore-aft, cleat angle and cleat wedging inward or out. All variables are directly dependent on each other, so to change one will change the others. A good example is stack height, Bont’s have a very low stack, so when changing from a different brand it may be necessary to alter the saddle height in order to keep the original height the same.




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