Bike Fitting Outcomes

BY IN Exercise Institute News On June 28, 2017

Exercise Institute has an evidence based approach to bike fitting and bike setup that tailors each fit to the individual. See more about our fitting systems here

Whilst we recognise there is limited scientific evidence as to ‘what is the best fit’ there are numerous studies that outline what might offer better solutions for individual cyclists. We believe this stands us apart from many other bike fitting systems.

We also offer an intensive fitting assessment that includes anthropometric measurement to ensure individual differences and pathology are accounted for. We look at two aspects of the fitting process whilst also taking into account individual functioning in reference to empirical research below:

Our fitting system can also use orthotic devices, cleat wedges and cleat lifts to outline a better pedaling symmetry and comfort for individual cyclists.

Below you can see the yellow dot trace of the knee through the pedaling cycle, the first and second images highlight knee tracking (yellow dots) through the up and downward phases of the pedal stroke.

The first image shows a 5 mm differentiation between the up and down phases (lateral movement). The second image this lateral movement is completely reduced. For this individual tracking was improved with a cleat wedge and orthotics based on their own anthropometric assessment with Matt

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