Belgium 2014: Dylan Pierre-humbert

BY IN Exercise Institute News On May 28, 2014

DylanbelgDylan, of Arbitrage Racing, has kindly offered some insight into his Belgium Racing experience thus far. ENJOY!

“As a competitive cyclist you hear allot about bike racing in Belgium from all corners. So i had a few months to dwell on the opportunity to come here and race! and going on what i had heard it would be no easy introduction.

After the team and myself had recovered (not) from the journey over the first race was quickly upon us, and it was everything I had imagined it was. 150 starters, strong crosswinds, bumpy roads and allot of furniture. and of course some bloody strong bike riders. Which in most cases generally consist of a few continental riders or former pros and defiantly future pros and world tour development teams looking for a win. The best way I think I can describe it is the hardest criterium you have done in Australia! accept 2.5 hours long… minimum. The first 60 minutes you think you can do this, 1 and a half hours in (if your lucky) and you find yourself inside a very small red box, coming into every corner thinking I don’t think I can kick out of this one and sit in the gutter at absolute max until the next one. You find your limits vey quickly as an amateur Aussie in your first Belgium kermis and Boom your out… Copping a mouthful of Flemish because you didn’t hand sling the rider behind you onto the wheel you couldn’t hold. Even though I expected not to finish my first race, I didn’t expect a few things. How hard it really was, how much my lungs just expanded, and how am I going to get out of this chair. Welcome to Belgium

Fortunately the human body can adapt. And adapt quickly I needed to do. To keep it in a few paragraphs, the racing gets easier, I want to use the word easier very lightly, no race is easy here and Some riders adapt quicker than others. The second race I finished, and the third race I raced. Like anything in life for a better outcome or result the harder you have to work, and while I spend the next few months adapting, learning and racing hard for the ultimate result, I will still make sure I enjoy every second of it. Which in Belgium is delightfully easy to do. Its how bike racing should be, I wish Australia could see this! they close the streets for you, cars give way for you, even when your not racing, the public support you. They encourage and love the sport. Its a great place to be, even with a large load of self inflicted pressure and some other small weights on my shoulders. Putting yourself in a hard place for a fraction of the day 3-4 times a week in the bigger scheme of things isn’t hard at all… Its extremely fun.

The team has raced 5 races now and we have already managed two top tens and a top 5 in kermises. Learning allot from some very wise people and bike riders. We have some great opportunities here to do some bigger races with a Belgium team in some inter club races, which is Belgium’s equivalent of Australia’s NRS. And if we are a well drilled unit in these races, pro kermises are on the cards. Our first inter club race is this Sunday and along with the frequent kermis racing the team is keen to progress together and get some results.

Until next time. ”



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  • Steph


    Fantastic read Dylan, great to hear not only are you racing well but enjoying the journey. Looking forward to hearing more from you :) Steph

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