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This is a selection of old posts from my former website that was changed over early 2012.



Tour of Taihu Lake. UCI 2.2
A five day tour that takes in some of the beautiful lakes just inland from Shanghai. This race features many fast flowing circuit style stages and a large prize list. Sam Davis and I are featured riders for a Chinese Cycling Team along with WA’s Doug Repacholi. Race webpage.
Stage 1, 130km Road Race. Report
Stage 2, 105km Road Race. Report
Stage 3, 136km ROad Race. Report
Stage 4, 100km Road Race. Report
Stage 5, 100km Road Race. Report


Shipwreck Coast Classic
30th October
This event is a shorter 130km’s but comes the day after the 280km ‘Warny’ is completed, so many of the riders are already spent. The race runs along the Victorian coastline and is open to heavy crosswinds containing several smaller climbs.
Re-edited Report

29th October
The second Australian one-day ‘Classic’ that the team will contest while here on the Eastern Coast. This long 280km event consists of crosswinds, smaller undulations and a challenging field. Again this event will be a real target for the team to get a result after a second half season that has yielded mixed results for the Australian races. Report

22nd October

An Australian one day Classic. The Grafton serves up a fantastic one day undulating race with a longer 15km climb mid way through the event. All of the riders are eager for this event as it is a true road stage and an opportunity to exploit (or indeed be exploited) over a longer distanced race. Plan B has 5 riders in attendance in Sam, Chris Beeck, Mike.V, Andrew Martin and myself led by the infallible Matt Davis. Please click on the title link above for a profile of the course! Report

4 – 9th October
This 6 day tour is the Queen tour for the 2011 NRS calender. A super-hilly race by Australian standards, this event will be hotly contested by most of Australia’s continental level teams and nationally registered teams. Please have a look at the elevation profiles for the race listed below, Plan B will be looking for oppertunisim in the form of a stage result as the teams time trial up mount Wellington on the first stage will be a big sledgehammer to the proverbial’s for our GC aspirations considering 2/3’s of the team has been diagnosed with bronchitis and are on anti-biotic’s and instructed not to race by a GP. Living the dream!!!

4th Stage 1. TTT.Results. Report
5th Stage 2. Road Race.
Stage 3. Road Race. Report
6th Stage 4. Criterium.
Stage 5. Road Race Report
7th Stage 6. Criterium.
Stage 7. Road Race Report
8th Stage 8. Criterium.
Stage 9. Road Race Report

9th Stage 10. KermesseReport

2nd October
205km one day race
A cat.1 climb and some massive rollers outline the par course for this gruelling one day race. A respiratory tract infection has left me deminished and on high potency anti-biotics the 4 days prior to this years event. This race is some 2 days out from the start of the tour of Tasmania and is a brilliant yet brutal race. Report


23rd- 25th September
This three-day race includes a criterium and two road stages of 160-180km in length. Plan B will be looking for the win at this one as we have the firepower to force a result with the riders recovering from a cold that decimated the team after the tour of Murray River.

Stage 1. 45km Criterium. Report
Stage 2. 160km Road Race. Report
Stage 3. 180km Road Race. Report


28th August – 4th SeptemberEvent Info
This 8 day tour consists of double stages each day consisting of a criterium then road race. The par course is generally flat and fast and with Plan B not having a pure sprinter the team will be looking to capitalise via breakaways.
28th Stage 1. Criterium. Stage 2 Road Race. Report
29th Stage 3. Criterium. Stage 4 Road Race. Report
30th Stage 5. Criterium. Stage 6 Road Race. Report
31st Stage 7. Criterium. Stage 8 Road Race. Report
1st Stage 9. Criterium. Stage 10 Road Race. Report
2nd Stage 11. Criterium. Stage 12 Road Race. Report
3rd Stage 13. Criterium. Stage 14 Road Race. Report
4th Stage 15. Criterium. Report


Tour of Geelong NRS
10-14th August Event Info
This tour consists of several challenging road stages, criteriums and a 30km time trial.
10th Stage 1. Criterium 50km.
Stage 2. Road race to You Yang 80km Report
11th Stage 2. Criterum 65km Report
12th Stage 3. Time Trial 30km Report
13th Stage 4. Road Race Very Hilly!!!! 143km Report
14th Stage 5. Criterium 50km Report


Tour of Gippsland NRS
26th – 31st July Event Info
27th Stage 1. 40km Wonthaggi Criterium.
Stage 2. Wonthaggi 70km Road Race. Report
28th Stage 3. 40km San Remo Criterium.
Stage 4. San Remo 100km Road Race. Report Brad Linfield Wins!!!!!
29th Stage 5. 45km Moe Criterium.
Stage 6. Morewell Road race. Report
30th Stage 7. Bairnsdale Criterium 33km.
Stage 8. Road Race 68km. Report
31st Stage 9. Paynesville Criterium 45km. Report
17th July, Belzele Kermesse, 117km. Report
16th July, Philippine Criterium, 80km. Report
15th July, Ingelmunster Kermesse, 117km. Report
12th July, Wachtbeke Kermesse, 117km. Report
6th July, Knesslare Kermesse, 104km. Report
3rd July, Marelbeke Kermesse 112km. Report A Win at Last!!!
1st June, Melle Kermesse 140km. Report
29th June, Serskamp Kermesse 110km. Report
28th June, Kruishoutem Kermesse, 104km. Report


Tour of Toowoomba NRS.
17th – 19th June
The tour of Toowoomba is the second race for Plan B in the NRS. Toowoomba lyes inland from Brisbane
and rests on a hill that is nestled on another larger hill, thereby making the event somewhat hilly…
The event consists of 3 road stages and a challenging criterium.
Start List
Stage 1. Road Race 110km Results.
Stage 2. Road Race 95km Results.
Stage 3. Road Race 105km Results.
Stage 4. Criterium 50km Results.


Tour of Canberra NRS.
29th April – 1st May
The Canberra tour represents the first race for Plan B Racing Team
at the National Road Series. This three day four-stage event takes in
some of the ACT’s rolling hills and dry terrain.
Stage 1. Criterium Circuit 65mins. Report
Stage 2. Road Race 109km. Report
Stage 3. Time Trial20km. Report
Stage 4. Road Race 130km.Report


Tour of Thailand UCI 2.2
1st – 6th April
This tour is held in a region south west of Bangkok and contains small climbs and rapid
sprint finishes.
The first stage is a prologue time trial followed by a series of longer road stages up to
220km’s in distance!
Stage 1. Prologue
Plan B Training Camp
A week of bliss….


Perth Criterium Series
This four raceseries is held around inner city Perth on some very technical circuits.
This event is Perths’ premier cycling race for 2011 and is a major objective for the
team with regard to securing some solid results.
Race 1. Northbridge Circuit. Swollen loins, bumble bees, hideous crashes and shattered dreams….Report
Race 2. Victoria Park Circuit. Dismembered egos’s, tight corners, quality field…. Report
Race 3. Leederville Circuit. A humbling experience… Report
Race 4. Fremantle Circuit. Fast, technical and a basic error. Report


And so begins another year, albeit a very different one to the previous….(hopefully)
This year see’s me returning to Plan B after a year spent abroad with the Marco Polo squad.
A fantastic experience, dulled somewhat by a ‘post-hoc’ diagnosis of Glandular Fever, which explains some of my lack of fitness for the later stages of the year. Still I am now fully recovered from the virus and super keen to get involved with grass-roots cycling in Western Australia, with the Plan B racing team.
Results will be posted as the events expire so PLEASE stay tuned….


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