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Off Season!
Well, now begins the official period of festivity and relative relaxation. Cycling training will consist of group riding, coffee, tempo rides and coffee, then casual chatter about ones physical prowess when rolling the river between beers at the bar. Next years racing calendar will probably change significantly as I am expecting to ride the National road series, not the European circuit. Funding, selection policy based on race, less then desired form for the year are all reasons given as to my non-signing with Marco Polo for next year. As one door closes another opens- I am looking forward to racing domestically and in Asia again, getting back to my roots as a rider that saw me reach some of my potential. Hope to see you around the streets of Perth in the meantime!

Tour of Hainan UCI 2.HC
This spectacular tour takes place on the beautiful Hainan island in the South China Sea. Over 9 stages, generally consisting of moderate catagory 2 climbs, most of the stages should be contested in select bunch sprints. With the form improving after a retrospective diagnosis of a virus mid-year I am looking forward to the racing!!
Stage 1: 66km Kermesse Report
Stage 2: 162km Road Race Report
Stage 3: DNF- Form is still massively ‘under construction’ and probably several months away post-virus.

And so it begins….
It is time to rebuild the titanic. Two weeks off then recommencement of the training program so I can feature in two UCI ranked tours through the months of October and November. I will have 3.5weeks of preparation in Perth for these events after my two week hiatus! The batteries will hopefully be a little fresher and more easily charged after the break, looking forward to seeing the locals and getting some decent coffee into me at home!

Overisje and Midden Nederland UCI 1.1 & 1.2
I barely featured in these races, so no race report will be submitted in order to save myself from an embarrassing written re-enactment! Not a penny of form to speak of, its hard to believe that you can get worse over a season of high end racing but that is exactly what has happened. So the team has given me two weeks off the bike and a ticket home to Perth on the 14th September where I can try and prepare as best I can for the Tour of Hainan 2.HC in October. Thanks for staying with me through my European campaign!

GP Stad Zottegem. 190km’s
Wind, rain, bad positioning, mediocre form……

Havenpijls Road Race
Around the harbour of Antwerp a couple times then onto a fast finishing circuit was the aim, however a vicious wind and bad luck prevented any such outcome…!

Plombiers Hill Criterium
Up, down, false flat…. do it all again. My first race back after an appalling run of misfortune.

Sparkassen Giro UCI 1.1
Worst performance in my short history to date. After 4km’s of racing I was dropped and gone out the back of this race. Probably the worst I’ve felt in my life on a bike, but I cannot put a finger on why. Blood test etc show everything is normal yet it certainly doesnt feel that way. Plenty more racing coming up, so hopefully things will change shape for the future…?

Buggenhout Pro’ Kirmesse
166km ciruit race of around 8.5km’s a lap. Narrow roads, many corners, intermittent crosswind and fast-fit bikeriders.

Letter from Nathan Dahlberg. Re: Doping in Cycling across the years
Click here.
Nathan is an ex-professional and a true champion for cycling regardless of the genre. Please have a read and leave a comment on the guestbook if your interested. Makes for an interesting debate….

Tour of Qinghai Lake UCI 2.HC
This beast of a tour is contested at high altitude in central China. Most of climbs ascend over 1000m in elevation and begin at 2200m above sea level but have moderate gradients of between 4-6%. The race consists of a 9 day stage race and a pre-race criterium. Bad luck had already struck prior to departure with one rider denied a visa and another coming down with sickness, therefore leaving the team with 5 riders; one of which is recovering from a crash where his AC joint was badly dislocated. Hopefully our luck will improve….

Pre-race Criterium– This criterium was contested at a moderate 2000m above sea level and consisted of a three corner circuit of 5kms in length. Conditions included rain, mud and a nervous peloton. I had a most uneventful start: after 14km’s of racing I punctured, was then given a wheel where the skewer snapped, then the next wheel had the skewer too far wound in resulting in a 2 minute wheel change. Leaving me out of the race before I really got started. Hopefully my luck in Asia will change for the better soon. Looking forward to tomorrows stage with a cat’1 climb in it!!!

Stage 1. 171km Road Race. Consisting of a catagory 2 climb this should be a great warm up for the harder stages. Stage profile and details here. Report here.

Stage 2. 95km Road Race. The shortest stage of the tour is definitely not the easiest as we summit a category 1 climb at over 3000meters. Stage details here. Report here.

Stage 3. 175km Road Race. Todays stage is one of the harder stages as the riders crest a category one climb and a hors category climb (french for ‘above classification’) with both climbs exceeding 3000meters in elevation. Stage details here. Report here.

Stage 4. 118km Road Race. Today we climb up to a category 1 summit at around 3500meters. Then continue on at around 3200meters to the finish. From here on end most of the stages will be contested at this elevation…. ‘pass me the oxygen mask.’ Stage details here. Report here.

Stage 5. 121km Road Race. Probably regarded as the easiest stage of the tour, this stage is predominantly flat with some minor undulations toward the finish. Wind will be a factor on this stage as well as the cruising elevation of 3200meters. Stage details here. Report here.

Stage 6. 153km Road Race. The finish place of this stage is where CHina once detonated an atomic bomb, which is interesting considering the amount of explosions going on during the bike race. The mainly flat/undulating stage turned into a crosswind smash fest with this author creating an atomic explosion of his own! Stage details here. Report here.

Stage 7. 120km Road Race. Up to almost 4000meters we climb today! RIP Brad… wasnt much of a showing for me at all, I climbed off after about 30km’s of riding. I can feel my body adapting to the altitude but the damage has already been done as im basically in some of the worst form ive had to endure on a bike… Back to europe for 6 weeks of one day professional races then a tour in China before I head home in September.

Pro Kirmesse Harlue
More fast and furious racing in 37c heat, ozone pollution, angry cyclists, irrate locals onlookers, rampant wildlife and a few racing oppertunities starting to open up……

Dwars door het Hageland UCI 1.2
A 185km semi-classic, click here for the report. Good times hanging out with Steven Gallagher and James Spragg!

Oetingem Semi-Classic UCI 1.2
A 165km one day race that includes 100km of road racing followed by 4 local laps with around 11 cobbled sections and several of the famous cobbled climbs of Flanders. A broken shifter led to a broken ego which in turned led to this solomn account of racing, click here for the update….

Ruddervoorde Pro-Kirmesse
A 10km lap that was very flowing with wider then usual roads. 25c temperature, a light wind, a quality field including: Garmin, Vacansoleil, Topsport Vlaanderan, Skil Shimano etc. Had the oppertunity to ride with the Australian Champion, western Australia’s own, Travis Meyer as well. Unfortunately my race was cut short by a stupid accident just after the winning move went. No major injuries just a massively swollen ego, which may have occured prior to the accident and is now somewhat more deflated…. I’ll keep you posted regarding my recovery here….

Lede Pro-Kirmesse
Cross winds, showers, 10c temperature, ample talent….another perfect summers day in Belgium. Report.

Belgium Kirmesse Racing 1.12B
Local racing proves to be more serious for some then the professional racing, with one of the older riders taking the oppertunity to spit on one of our riders again. I think it was the same guy who did it to me a week or so ago. SO I took it upon myself to approach the guy and ask him why, but he wouldnt speak to me unless it was in French or Dutch… Finally he came around to English but only wanted to further berate me. He told me he was 45yrs old and old enough to be my grandfather, this is where I replied that he was nothing like my Grandfather and behaving like a 4 year old… This encounter will make our next encounters at the races interesting….stay tuned for a ‘smackdown’!

Tour de L’oise. UCI 2.2
This race is located around 50km outside of Paris and goes theough some rolling terrain. The list of riders includes mainly continental european teams and France’s best national teams. The latter consist of the teams that I used to fear when I was last racing here and now find myself riding alongside them again in a different capacity. hard racing will be the norm here for the 120+ riders.
Stage 1. 125km Road Race.

Stage 2. 188km Road Race.

Stage 3. 185km Road Race.

Stage 4. 180km Road Race.

Kermesse Racing, Beligum, 1.12B

Not much to really report on here: Angry old Flemish men who like to spit on riders, bunch sprints and 130+ man fields through the Brabant and Limborg regions of Belgium. A 14th and 25th place is all that eventuated against a quality elite and continental level fields. All quality preparation for tomorrows UCI 2.2 Tour de L’Oise in northern France which should be a ball tearer!!!

Gullegem Koerse
The first ‘Pro-race’ of the year turned into 4 hrs of motopacing! Here’s the gossip.

Tour of Korea
The second UCI 2.2 tour for Marco Polo this year basically turned out to be an absolute disaster for myself and the team, except for Jono Loveock who managed a strong performance. Two punctures, a lack of resources due to the Icelandic Volcano disruption to air transport, resulted in myself being out of the race after 10km’s of a two week tour. Hence any reporting of this event has been sidelined due to intense internal emotional conflict…

Tour of Thailand
The first UCI 2.2 tour that Marco Polo will complete for the year and real chance of a good overall result is possible here. Starting with a TT prologue then 5 long flatish road stages should make for some demanding breakaways and sprint finishes. See a stage by stage account of the racing below!

Stage One5.8km Prologue.

Stage Two 177km Road Race.

Stage Three 172km Road Race.

Stage Four 208km Road Race.

Stage Five 187km Road Race.

Stage Six 190km Road Race.

Tour de Langkawi
This race is one of the primary objectives for our team this year. It basically races around the penninsula of Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, where we ascend the ‘Hors Catagory’ Genting climb (One of the hardest climbs in the world!). Please click below to see a stage by stage account of the racing.

Stage One175km’s.

Stage Two 182km’s

Stage Three 146km’s

Stage Four 166km’s

Stage Five 111km’s

Stage Six 102km’s

Stage Seven 133km’s

Training Around Kuala Lumpur
Chinese-Malay culture, Incesant Heat Rash, Irrate Monkeys, Calm Gridlock and Jungle Training. Click here to read my mundane account of these last days…

Mumbai Madness

Holey steaming gooch Batman, Click here to read more about this epic one day criterium in the heart of Bombay!

Perth Criterium Series



Four Days of Increasing Joy!
Tight technical circuits, combined with a fantastic general level of fitness from the elite riders facilitated four days of Smash! Click here to read Brad’s account of the race from inside Plan B racing team.

Tour de Perth

An epic weekend!

With this event set to be one of the highlights of the Perth racing calendar the racing was always going to be epic. Click here to read more about this weekends efforts from Brads perspective.

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Welcome to Brads’ first attempt at social networking!

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