Angie Mc Robbie: Meet our new Women’s Cycling Perth trainer

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Angie Mc Robbie is our newest addition to the Women’s Cycling Perth program

This program has gone from strength to strength owing to the incredible efforts of Shannon who in turn has passed on training to several of the Veris Racing women in Sabine, Sofia, Erin and Megan. Angie will assist with one on one coaching and the facilitation of a Thursday mid morning training group for those that cannot make our early Wednesday session from Kings Park.

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  • Chronological age 51
  • Fitness / Mental Age – about 30!!

Years Spent Cycling

  • 40 years.
  • I got my first ‘proper’ racing bike when I was 11 years old.  In my early twenties, Hybrid bikes were the fashion for commuting.  When mountain biking became popular in the 1990s I began off-road riding on trails in the UK.
  • Coming to Australia in 2007, I was blessed with living on the Heritage trail in Darlington and my mountain bike suddenly became my best friend.  I fell in love with Road Cycling about 8 years ago, (maybe the great Perth weather had something to do with that!!). At first I bought a cheap road racing bike and soon enough I had upgraded to the magnificent Giant Liv Avail.  The bike I still ride today.

Why you like cycling

  • Cycling has always been part of my life.   From getting around places as a kid, to commuting to work, to riding for fun.  I have always had bikes.  Taking up road riding opened up a whole new world to me.  I did attend a few group training sessions with various women’s groups in Perth and slowly built up a network of likeminded women who I have shared such a wonderful cycling journey with.  We have entered sportives, charity rides and even the Tour of Margaret River back in 2015.
  • In the early days of my road riding in Perth, being able to get out on my bike and taking a break from my two young children (I’m a mother to two boys, now aged 11 & 14), was without doubt the mental and physical break I needed to be able to cope with motherhood.  Even though the babysitting costs made every bike ride cost me at least $50, it was the BEST therapy I could have paid for.
  • As Mums of young children, if you give yourself some ‘time-out’ to nurture your own health and well-being, you will be in a much better place – Mentally, Physically and emotionally to deal with the demands of caring for a young family.

What is special about Women’s Cycling Perth

  • Women’s Cycling Perth is such a fantastic initiative that the Exercise Institute set up a few years ago.  It has seen women coming together to learn bike skills, improve their riding, improve their fitness and above all have FUN and develop friendships.  As time constraints and work – life balance become something we have to manage in amongst our cycling training, Women’s cycling Perth is happy to announce the mid-morning cycling program starting in December.  I know as a busy mum, that it’s not possible for me to attend a 6am session these days – but as I work part-time, I DO have the time in the day to fit in my exercise.  After dropping the kids at school, I know I then have that hour or two for my own fitness.

Message to women starting out on their cycling journey

  • My message to any women looking to start out on their cycling journey is to be Brave.  Be brave and come along to a session.  You can start off with such basic gear (obviously a bike in good working order, lights and a helmet are a must!).  Be brave to want to improve your own fitness and wellbeing.  We have all been that person who is new to road cycling (I was scared to bits when I turned up at 6am in Kings Park all those years ago!!) As you gain confidence riding your bike, seeing fitness improvements and meeting like-minded women, your whole outlook on life with improve.  If you really do get the bike bug, you’ll be sporting new kit, a new bike and entering your first cycle event within 6 months….. Guaranteed!!

Who is Angie…??

  • I am a passionate, dedicated and fun Personal trainer/ cycling instructor.  Being in and around the fitness / cycling industry for a number of years; I bring a wealth of knowledge on health, fitness, cycling.  As a busy Mum to two young active boys, I know how important it is to have time out for ourselves.  Through cycling my fitness has improved, it has help with my ability to deal with life’s ups and downs and I have developed a strong desire to help other women find that life fit balance.
  • Spin Instructor
  • CERT III & IV Personal Trainer
  • Aust Swim – Teacher of Infant Aquatics


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