Riding kick started the healing – Toni Burbidge

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Butterfly Ride 2016 Ambassador Toni Burbidge
A 20 year struggle

In 2015 we were very fortunate to have two ride ambassadors for our White Ribbon Ride 2015. Rowena Scott and Jason Hapeta shared their personal experience about domestic violence. At times it was very emotional for them and for us, and we continue to admire their bravery and courage and as their ride is not over.

This year in support of the national organisation, The Butterly Foundation we aim to raise money and awareness for people that suffer from eating disorders and body image issues. Health and wellbeing is central to our service provision in fitness and exercise programming.

Body image can affect us all from time to time. And how many women are reluctant to ride a bike because of confidence, self image and body loathing? Lycra is brutal.  The very mention of the word can send waves of fear to many women. And to be photographed in lycra! This is very confronting. It takes courage, confidence, self esteem for many women and men involved in a sport we love.

2016 Representative

The Butterfly Ride 2016 will be represented by Toni Burbidge, a local mum of two and avid mountain biker and newly turned road cyclist!IMG_0437

Toni is 41 and has two children aged 14 and 11. She is a member of the Perth Mountain Bike Club and has been riding mountain bikes for four years, and road for two. In 2015 she rode and finished all stages of the Tour of Margaret River.

Her involvement in the Butterfly Ride 2016 is significant. Toni suffered from an Eating Disorder (ED) for 20 years. She had Bulimia Nervosa. That was until two years ago.

Toni will share her experience, her battle, her desire to use this ride to talk about her journey with her two children. And she will tell us how riding kickstarted her healing process.

Thank you TONI!

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